Thursday, 18 April 2013

World Water Day celebrated at School in Uttarakhand

Siddharth Public School welcomed workers from Believers Church Uttarakhand on World Water Day, 22nd March 2013. The church brought a free BioSand water filter for the school and taught the children about water.

The teachers and students were surprised to see that contaminated water became pure and drinkable after filtering. “I drank pure water after a long time,” said Principal Omi Chand, “because here in our village there is no pure water. This filter is good and I will personally request you to please install one filter in my home.
Also when there is a parent meeting I will encourage the parents to install it in their home.” Within a few minutes, local people started gathering to taste the water. They appreciated the church’s work to improve their community.

Believers Church regularly provides BioSand filters and wells for communities that lack a good water source by Bishop KP Yohannan.